Toner Life Extender Guide: HP 3600n

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What’s the worst thing about owning a laser printer?

That’s easy… THE TONER!

Low-InkIt always runs out of toner right in the middle of printing the most important document of your life.

Or, while trying to enjoy some time off, your laser printer runs out of toner and an employee calls you up asking, “What do I do now?”

And the worst…

Running to the office supplies store and dishing out FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS on 4 toner cartridges (Black, Cyan, Yellow, & Magenta).

[F.Y.I.] I really really really hate buying toner. I don’t know what it is but it really bugs me.



I’ll try just about anything in order to save a few bucks on toner.

I tried using refurbished cartridges and off-brand cartridges…

I even gave refilling cartridges myself a try. This only lead to the Constantly Calibrating problem which thankfully I was able to get fixed.

After coming up with the Constantly Calibrating Fix, I decided on only using HP Brand toner cartridges… Which, as we all know, are super expensive!

If I’m going to be paying the big bucks for toner, I at least want to make sure I’m getting every last drop of toner out of these cartridges… It’s way to valuable to go be wasted.

That led me to figuring out this procedure that not only saves me money on toner, it’s also a “lifesaving” trick to getting that last page printed when getting to the office supply store at this very moment is just not going to happen.

Best of all… This Guide is SUPER EASY to FOLLOW

It has about 12 Steps and only involves pushing buttons on the front panel.

We actually had this little guide sitting next to the printer so if we ran into problems, my staff could make this change on the fly and put an end to any printing standstill.

But before you read any further…

WARNING: HP does not want you to do this to your printer.

If you follow this guide, HP will disavow any “supply failures when an HP supply is used” and will not consider “defects in materials or workmanship in the supply under HP’s Premium Protection Warranty.”

DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER if this makes you feel a little queasy.

That being said, your printer will not self-destruct if you follow this guide.

After many years using this little trick, the absolute worst thing I’ve encountered is fading when printing…

Which is entirely what should be expected!

What this trick does is extend your toner cartridge’s life to the very end.

Here’s the deal…

HP has set your printer to automatically stop printing when a certain level of toner is reached… And that level is about 58% away from truly being completely out.

Yep, you read that right…

There’s 58% More Toner in the tank!

58_percent_fullThat’s like running out of gas in the middle of the freeway on your way to an important meeting, but when you pull over and check the tank, it’s still OVER HALF FULL!

Now I’m not trying to say HP is some evil corporation trying to get you to purchase more toner than you need… At least I don’t think they are!

Rather, HP has merely set the toner levels to where the very highest levels of print quality can be assured under warranty.

And that’s great… But I’m not always concerned about the VERY HIGHEST LEVELS of print quality.

Sometimes I just need to print out a simple document RIGHT NOW.

Besides, I’ve found we can get the toner cartridges to keep on printing farther than HP advises and still achieve very high print quality.

Again… About 58% farther!

What does 58% mean in terms of dollars?

I’m glad you asked!

If four brand new toner cartridges run about $500 (and I’m talking HP brand not refurbished or some off brand), we’re looking at about…

$290 a Year in toner SAVINGS!

And that’s only if you happen to change all your toner cartridges once a year.

Add another $290 if you change them twice a year… That’s about the rate I was changing them when I had my business.

That’s damn near $600 per year in savings!

But this is not only about saving money.

This trick can be used at any time in order to give you just a few more pages so you can finish what you’re doing at the moment your printer decides to “run out of gas.”

You’ll go from TONER EMERGENCY to:

“OK… Let’s get through the rest of today and I’ll grab some toner on the way home from work.”

Honestly… It’s the best thing I’ve discovered about this printer… Outside of devising the Constantly Calibrating Fix.

The only Catch is that I’m going to charge a small fee to access this guide.

Why Charge for This?

flat_tire_moneyThe Constantly Calibrating Fix is totally free to anyone that wants to read it because I feel it would be a total shit-head move to charge for the Calibrating Fix…

It would be like stopping to help someone stranded with a flat tire but then asking for $50 beforehand.

This whole Toner Life Extender thing is more like having air conditioning in your car…

You don’t need to have it, but it certainly makes your life more enjoyable…


Here’s the bottom line…

I’ve tried asking for donations on the Constantly Calibrating Fix page which I didn’t particularly care for… I’m not some sort of charity.

However, I got a few donations and to those that donated… Thank You So Much!

But instead of asking for donations, I thought it would be better to provide a little more quality office printer life enhancing content and then charge for it.

My intention is to have those that looked at the Constant Calibration Fix come over here and take a look at this Toner Life Extender Guide. If the Calibration Fix did the trick and you’re grateful that it’s out there for free, then perhaps I can entice you to dish out a few clams and buy this!

Let me be clear: You certainly don’t need this guide in order to keep using your printer just like you normally are… But I feel the information contained is just about as useful as the Calibrating Fix information… Now that you’ve got your printer back up and working, why not save a little on toner?

The Calibrating Fix hopefully is just a one-time thing… This Toner Life Extending Guide will be useful until the time your HP 3600n finally gives up the ghost.

And who knows, although I haven’t tested it on other HP printers, it might work, with modification, on those as well.

OK… Let’s Talk Gravy…

I’m only asking $7 for this super-duper OFFICE PRINTER LIFE ENHANCER.

PriceTagRed7Considering this trick ended up saving me $600 a year… That’s a small price…

Not to mention having the ability to squeak out a few extra pages without having to run to the store RIGHT THIS MOMENT… PRICELESS…


Besides getting this guide in PDF format that you can download, print out, and keep next to your computer…

This guide also comes with the procedure for Restoring Your Printer to the factory presets… That way, if you start to panic after making use of this trick, you can easily go back to your printers initial, out-of-the-box, setup… It only takes a minute or two to reset.


You’ll also be able to download a FREE PDF copy of the Constantly Calibrating Fix that you can keep right next to your Toner Life Extender Guide.


Because I know you will find this as helpful as I do, if you are not happy with this Toner Life Extender Guide, I will refund 100% of your money and you can still keep everything.

Just send me an email at letting me know your name and order number and I’ll personally be sure to issue a refund. (I’m not some large company… It’s just me and my computer sitting in my living room!)

This Toner Life Extender Guide is just as easy to follow as my Constantly Calibrating Fix guide…

If you were able to follow along with the Constantly Calibrating Fix… You’ll have absolutely no problem following the Toner Life Extender guide.

In less than 5 minutes you’ll have implemented this super easy trick and be on your way to saving on toner costs.

To get started, click on the “Send Me My Toner Life Extender Guide” button in the Blue Box below. You’ll be sent to a secure shopping cart where you can pay by credit card or PayPal, your choice, and then you will receive an email letting you know where you can download the PDF’s.

Again, let me know if you run into any problems.

Best regards,


Lower Your Toner Costs in 5 Minutes

This guide sat in a plastic sheet cover right next to my printer so my staff and I always had access to it and resulted in about $600 a year in toner cost savings not to mention eliminated many of those out of toner emergency situations.

And for only $7, you also NEED to have a copy of this guide sitting next to your HP 3600n printer.

PriceTagRed7You’ll receive the:

  • Toner Life Extender Guide (PDF)
  • Printer Factory Reset Guide (PDF)
  • Constantly Calibrating Fix (PDF)

100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason what-so-ever you’re not satisfied, I’ll personally ensure you receive a 100% refund. My name is on this website and the very last thing I want in the world is for someone to think I’m trying to scam people out of money. I’m only a guy on a computer in my living room who want’s to help the world by sharing a little of what I’ve learned. If you’re not happy 1 minute or 1 year after purchasing this guide, I refuse to keep your money. Just send me an email:

Send Me My Toner Life Extender Guide

WARNING: I want to again point out that this trick does invalidate HP’s warranty on HP supplies. There is no free lunch in life. Using this Toner Life Extender Guide comes at the risk of slightly lower print quality. As the toner actually starts to run out, your prints will become lighter and lighter to the point where you have no option but to purchase more toner. If your main concern is having the highest possible print quality, I suggest not purchasing this guide. But then again, you can always reset your printer to the factory presets… How to reset your printer is also include in this guide… Just in Case.

Here is the actual warning provide by HP:

Using override may result in unsatisfactory print quality and unavailability of certain features. All print defects or supply failures incurred when an HP supply is used in OVERRIDE will not be considered defects in materials or workmanship in the supply under HP’s Premium Protection Warranty.

PLEASE READ: I am not guaranteeing you will save $290 or $600 a year on toner costs. These are purely numbers I calculated based on using this trick to extend the life of my toner cartridges while operating in a small business environment. Your individual printing demands will most certainly affect your results. By using this guide, you can adjust your printer to the level that best suites your printing needs: Greater Cost Savings vs Ensuring High Quality Prints (Again, there’s no free lunch in life.) At the very least, this guide may save you an emergency trip to the office supply store right in the middle of trying to print that last page.

P.S. If you purchase this Toner Extender Guide and found it helpful, please find your way back to this page and leave a comment below… It will make my day!