PERFECT OIL CRACKING RATIO 4-1-7 | Far Flung Factorio Ep. 25

by | Jul 7, 2016 | Factorio, Far Flung Factorio | 0 comments

In today’s incredulous episode of Far Flung Factorio, our Hero, ShredGuy99 steps up Oil Refining to ADVANCED which allows for the Cracking of Heavy Oil down to Light Oil and the Cracking of Light Oil down to Petroleum.

Advanced Oil Refining also modifies our oil refineries which then slightly modifies their production profile from 3 Heavy, 3 Light, and 4 Petroleum to 1 Heavy, 4.5 Light, and 5.5 Petroleum.

This advancement adds water into the mix (more pipes), but this is well worth the effort as Petroleum is the only Oil byproduct we are currently using.

Ultimately, by using the perfect ratio of OIL REFINERIES and Cracking CHEMICAL PLANTS, we ELIMINATE our current bottleneck of Heavy & Light Overproduction which brings all oil refining to a halt!

Just in case you miss it in the video, the perfect ratio of Oil Refineries to Chemical Plants is:

  • 4 Refineries
  • 1 Heavy Oil to Light Oil Chemical Plant
  • 7 Light Oil to Petroleum Chemical Plants

Unfortunately, this ratio will only work “perfectly” up to the point we start producing LUBE…

When that time comes, we will then have to turn to other means of regulating Oil Refining.