Today begins our journey into the Fantastical World of Factorio. This is my inaugural gaming video and there’s no better game in the universe to start with than Factorio… This video isn’t perfect but you know what they say, “Perfection is the enemy of Good.”

This series is a direct rip-off of Bentham’s series called Factorio Towns. He has a great series and it pushed me over the edge to get started on my own series. I can only hope that he’ll appreciate my series a small fraction of how much I appreciate his.

Bentham’s Factorio Towns

There’s a bunch of Factorians I’d like to give a big hearty “Thanks” to:

… Just to name a few. I’ve watched just about everything you gentlemen have created with Factorio.

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Below are a few links to some PDF downloads I created… Please enjoy and feel free to tell me what you think.