In another majestic episode of Far Flung Factorio, our infamous Hero, ShredGuy99 masters the…

F.A.R.L. (Fully Automated Rail Layer)

And engineers a four lane train network from the starter base to the far distant…

B.A.F.A. (Big Ass Furnace Array)!

The work has been slow and arduous but our Hero is now producing Iron Plate on a somewhat larger scale… At least the groundwork has been set so that exponential growth will soon be possible.

Unfortunately, the native fauna has not taken a break from its plan to halt our expansion… Our long range scanners indicate that the biters have now evolved past 41%.

It’s only a matter of time before they are half way to their maximum (deadly) potential.

Much has yet to be done and ShredGuy is now wondering if it was a Fool’s Errand to undertake such an unorthodox strategy to building this alien outpost… Again, only time will tell!

Tune in and embrace this epic Factorio Gameplay.

It’s all the rage in Factorio Land…

What could it be?

Only the Madzuri Smart Loader… That’s all!

Here’s a few YouTube tutorials on the subject:


Negative Root:

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Below are a few links to some PDF downloads I created… Please enjoy and feel free to tell me what you think.

I’m still experiencing extreme technical difficulty with getting my screen capture working like it should. I’ve switched to Dxtory and am experiencing a few bumps in the learning curve. Anyway, my video recorded (some in 30 FPS and some in 60FPS) and I didn’t get any audio recorded whatsoever. So in this episode I do a post-recording voice over and once again included this background music.

Here’s credit:

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