In today’s electrifying episode of Far Flung Factorio, our stalwart Hero, ShedGuy99, managed to squeeze under the very low bar set for actually getting something accomplished.

Factorio Blueprints & the F.A.R.L. (Fully Automated Rail Layer) Mod…

It turns out that despite ShredGuy’s modest plans to research Blueprint creation in order to maximize F.A.R.L. Mod capabilities, the time to reach said goal took much longer than expected… Including the totally unanticipated requirement to research and produce plastic.

As science progressed at a snail’s pace, our Hero fastened his chin-strap, laced up his boots good-n-tight, and headed out to meet the native biter menace “mono e mono.”

Was this a good idea? That’s remains to be seen…

To counter the threat from our Hero, the biters have been forced to escalate the rate of their own evolution. Where our Hero was once far ahead in terms of combat ability, the biters have turned the tide by maturing into Medium Worms and Spitters. This transformation in enemy ability may now eclipse our own capacity for warfare.

In the face of these new developments, our Hero has remained resolute in his plans and has initiated the construction of an immense smelting array far distant from the security of his home base.

It is only a matter of time before these two civilizations collide resulting in All Out War!

Tune in to witness your Hero’s highly adept Factorio performance.

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Below are a few links to some PDF downloads I created… Please enjoy and feel free to tell me what you think.

For some reason my recording software decided to turn-off game sounds. In their absence, I included what I think is some appropriate background music.

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