In today’s thrilling episode of Far Flung Factorio, your Gallant and Gutsy Hero (ShredGuy99) has once again exceeded his own very low expectations and managed to get heaps built.

With the pollution cloud broadening its range of effect, now more than ever does out Hero need to “Get the Lead Out” and jump into High Gear… And not a moment too soon!

Far Flung Factorio Starter Base Complete

Just moments after completing the North Eastern perimeter wall, a small band of ravenous biters descended onto our humble Starter Base. Thanks to ShredGuy99’s keen sense of Factorio Judgement, all was secure and this biter raiding party was easily repelled.

Along with providing a fully fortified position, everything needed to take our first steps into the frontier has been fully automated. It is Now Time to switch from Defense to a Full Press Offense…

  • Straight & Curved Rail – COMPLETE
  • Smart Chests – COMPLETE
  • Fast & Smart Inserters – COMPLETE
  • Engines – COMPLETE
  • Piercing Rounds Magazine – COMPLETE
  • Red & Green Wire – COMPLETE
  • Gun Turret – COMPLETE
  • Medium & Big Electric Poles – COMPLETE
  • Assembling Machine 2 – COMPLETE

Biters take heed… The time is soon at hand where our Hero’s Murderous Rage will dispatch Yo Nasty Asses back to that fiery hell from whence you came!

Tune in and see, in all its glory, the extreme confidence and ease at which our Hero expertly implements the finer nuances of Factorio Gameplay.

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Below are a few links to some PDF downloads I created… Please enjoy and feel free to tell me what you think.