In today’s episode of Far Flung Factorio, your Far Flung Hero (ShredGuy99) has set his limited mental capability to finally generating a modicum of progress.

ShredGuy99 has realized that already, his factory has deviated from the intended path. Supply lines have been stretched too far leading to long and tedious resupply runs to an atrocious and completely inadequate science build.

And if that wasn’t enough. The desert terrain has allowed the factories pollution to expand at an unexpectedly alarming rate. Although no biter nests have yet been impacted by this dark cloud of industrial smog, our hero learned long ago: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

ShredGuy99’s only recourse is withdrawal back to a defensible position and begin anew.

Red & Green Science Build…

In the end, we will have a fully functioning, fully automatic Red & Green Science build that will propel our initial starter base to the next level of functionality and ultimately lead to venturing out and conquering the remote and desolate landscape.

Tune in and see exactly how our hero performs these amazing feats of daring bravery!

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Below are a few links to some PDF downloads I created… Please enjoy and feel free to tell me what you think.