Let’s Play Far Flung Factorio Ep. 11.1 (Stream): Laying Rail to New Advanced Mech Build

by | May 17, 2016 | Factorio, Far Flung Factorio | 0 comments

In today’s penetrating episode of Far Flung Factorio, our Hero, ShredGuy99, has proceeded to lay a significant amount of track using the F.A.R.L. train modification that will connect our soon to be Advanced Mechanical Plant to the rest of the sprawling factory.

This mass rail construction was relatively uneventful… The one Bug Base that stood in our way was dispatched with little effort.

However, GREEN BUG CORPSES have begun to stack up along our defensive walls. This can only mean one thing…

The Bugs have evolved the BEHEMOTH!

These Behemoth Biters and Spitters represent an enormous leap forward in the amount of devastation the Bugs can dish out and the amount of damage they can withstand from our turrets – which are still only equipped with piercing bullets.

This development in Bug Evolution only underscores the importance of all our efforts.

Time is of the essence and we must quickly push forward towards crude refining and the creation of blue science.

Tune in and witness this amazing gameplay in all its glory!

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