Hey, my name is Mike and this is my blog…

I’m currently the CEO and President of Total Secure Shredding, Inc. based out of San Diego, CA. I sold the business (customers and assets) in May of 2014 but I still maintain the corporate structure.

The United States Navy graciously brought me out to San Diego from Tennessee (where my folks still live and where a visit on occasion) back in the summer of 1993. I spent a total of 6 years in the Navy working on helicopter electronics (SH-60B) and finished up at an E-5 (AT2) in the summer of 1998. Although I received 20% disability from the Navy, it doesn’t slow me down much but I play it up to the max when it comes to marketing my shredding business.

Post Navy, I tried to parlay my Electronics/Maintenance experience in private industry and that took me up to San Francisco for 6 months before I called it quits.

Coming back to San Diego, I decided to use my GI Bill and went to college. I started off at Grossmont Community College and then transferred to the University of California San Diego where I graduated Magna Cum Laude with honors from the Economics Department. My Bachelors of Science is in Management Science with a focus in Mathematics.

A BS in Management Science unfortunately doesn’t qualify for doing much so I also received a professional certificate in Accounting for the UCSD Extension Office. I then was able to work at a few jobs in accounting and finance. About three years in Accounting/Finance was more than enough for me and I had to start some sort of business of my own – Enter Total Secure Shredding.

Starting your own business will really turn you into a jack of all trades. I love reading books to learn a new skill. I read extensively on Google Adwords and how to build website using Dreamweaver (I also took an online class). Along the way I picked up a fair amount of HTML, CSS, and how to create basic graphic designs. I’m no expert in any of these things but I think I do a better job than what most people pay for and it gives me an edge against many of my current competitors.

Over the past two years, I’ve also become more and more interested in all aspects of Internet Marketing. This is mostly the result of trying to get any edge possible in my current off-line business niche. But now I’m getting more and more into all aspects of Internet Marketing and Social Media.

Finally, I got on this Health and Fitness kick since June of 2010 so transforming my health and physical appearance has also become a hobby of mine.

For right now, accumulation of all this has resulted in this website where I can further experiment with all I’ve learned and with all the ideas that pop into my head.

To say the least, this site is going to be quite a potpourri of topics for whom, I assume, very few will agree with completely.

In any event, I hope you enjoy maybe a few items I spout off about and that you will be kind enough to leave a comment or two.

Best regards,

Mike Krauss